5 Football Stars Who Enjoyed Master KG’s Jerusalema Hit Song

5 Football Stars Who Enjoyed Master KG's Jerusalema Hit Song

5 Football Stars Who Enjoyed Master KG’s Jerusalema Hit Song

Master KG’s Jerusalema song was a global sensation that made the South African music industry proud. From one remote song with South African lyrics, Jerusalema snowballed into an intercontinental delight, with top celebrities across the world jumping on the melody.

Indeed, some of the biggest sports icons couldn’t resist the musical attractiveness of the song. Top football stars, whose matches are featured on top bookmaker apps like Betway (accessible via betway mobile app download), have publicly demonstrated their affection for the song.

In this article, we will discuss five football stars who really enjoyed Master KG’s Jerusalema hit.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Standing as the richest and most influential football player in history, Cristiano Ronaldo needs no introduction. This veteran professional Portuguese football player holds more than 30 trophies, 4 European Golden Shoes, 5 Ballon d’Or awards, and other awards scattered across top European leagues and championships he has played.

From 2002 – 2022, he made a total of 655 appearances and scored a total of 499 goals playing for football clubs.

Although he looks like one footballer who should be super busy in training rooms and on the football pitch, Cristiano Ronaldo still knows how to put a good song to use.

Cristiano Ronaldo was spotted at a party with his partner, Georgina Rodriguez, dancing to Master KG’s hit song, Jerusalema. One way or another, we know this legendary football player was having a good time.


Having been acknowledged as the most expensive football player in the world and South American Footballer of the year (2011 and 2012) twice in a row, Neymar stands unshakable.

His career picked traction in 2009 while at Santos. In 8 years, Neymar made 300 appearances and scored 175 goals for both Santos and Barcelona. He has an incredible skillset and stands to be one of the best forward players out there.

When he is not occupied with sporting events, the professional Brazillian football player Neymar can be seen doing fun-filled things, including listening to music on the bus, just like everyone.

In light of that, a short video of him lip-syncing and making small dance moves to the popular Master KG’s hit song, Jerusalema, escalated on social media, and his fans can’t stop spreading it like wildfire.


The French football player Paul Pogba also stands amongst the top-ranking football players in the world to enjoy Jerusalema.

Pogba has amassed so much in his football career, including a range of personal awards like the Gold Boy Award, the Bravo Award, the Best Young Player Award, and other team awards scattered throughout his football career.

Up until the year 2021, Pogba stood as the only player an English club has ever paid the highest transfer fee for.

If there is one French footballer who knows how to vibe, it’s Pogba. In September 2021 at the Parklife festival, Pogba was spotted on stage with popular Nigerian afro singer, Burna Boy, dancing and singing to Master KG’s Jerusalema hit song while the crowd cheered them up. That was pure fun!

Joe Aribo

One of the notable England-based Nigerians who play in the English Premier League and the Nigerian national team is Joe Aribo.

Joe Aribo’s football career began unfolding for the better right after he got into Stainless Town’s senior team. After this, he walked his way into a few more clubs, where he had the opportunity to win the Scottish Premiership and the Scottish Cup the following year.

Now speaking of fun, Joe Aribo has vividly shown the world that he got some powerful dance moves to match Master KG’s hit song, Jerusalema.

In a short clip that was being shared across social media platforms, Joe Aribo threw in a dance challenge against a few club members who immediately showed they had dance moves equal to Joe’s. The camera pans over Joe Aribo and two other club members trying to do the famed Nigerian legwork with Jerusalema vibing in the background.

Leon Balogun

The Nigerian-German footballer, Leon Balogun, had his professional football career kick off in 2007 when he started playing for Türkiyemspor Berlin’s senior team.

Leaping into his career, Leon Balogun has quite a walk-through from many clubs, with him having a playtime of just one year or two with them.

Although having been soaked up in German culture and music, Leon Balogun still shows that he can have fun with something a little more African.

Whilst clinging to the “All work and no play” narrative, a short fun-filled clip of Leon Balogun burst on social media.

In the short clip, we saw Leon Balogun joining a dance challenge consisting of former team members: Joe Aribo and Zungu, vibing to the popular hit, Jerusalema, by Master KG.

Conclusively, Master KG’s hit song, Jerusalema, is, of course, one of the most globally adopted African songs that got the planet raving.

The South African banger enjoyed millions of views on video streaming platforms, and we shamelessly couldn’t get enough of making dance challenges out of it.

Even among popular footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, and Pogba, this song can be testified to being uplifting and danceable.

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