5 Risks Involved In Dating A Widower

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5 Risks Involved In Dating A Widower

Widowers, are special people. They need love, care and support from people around them. Yes! They need to be loved and can also be in love.
You meet a man you like, you get to know him and he tells you he is bereaved of his wife, you feel pity for him and you two start getting emotional attached. You assure yourself that you love him and he loves you too. Don’t rush him.

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There are certain risks involved in getting into a romantic relationship with a man who just lost his wife recently or a man who is still grieving over the death of his wife.

Before getting deeply involved with a widower, you must be sure that he is ready to move on with his life. Not just because he said he is READY. His actions should prove so. His inability to move on might come with a heavy emotional baggage that you his new partner might not be able to carry. All you need to do in this case is to give him space to heal. He needs more time, don’t rush him.

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Before you conclude to start dating him, you must also be sure of his reason for longing to be with you .

Find out if any of the below, is the reason why he wants you in his life.
He loves you
He feels lonely
He is a womanizer

If he desires to be with you truly because he loves you, Darling it means you are on a safe side. But if it is because of the loneliness he feels after the death of his wife, just know that you are taking a great risk dating him. In this case, he sees you as a mere available instrument that can temporary close a vacuum. This is because he likes you for the amount of empathy you show him. So such relationship is borne out of Pity. This is a great sign that he is still grieving and hasn’t gotten over his late wife yet. Worst of all is if he is womanizer; just know that he may never be faithful to you. I know you wouldn’t want to referred to as ‘one of his many women’. Wait a minute, think of the kind of emotional stress his late wife went through with a cheating husband. You don’t want to get heartbroken right? The decision is yours to make.

5 Risks Involved In Dating A Widower (Signs)

  1. If he always compares you with his late wife and makes utterances that make you feel that you are nothing in outward appearance and character, compared to his late wife. This kind of situation will demoralize you because he has already made it clear to you that you can never the woman in his life. Also, you are not the number #1 in his heart. It is too risky, choosing to hang on.
  2. If he keeps telling everyone around him how miserable his life is and how empty he feels, in the absence of his late wife, just know that he is not yet ready to move on. He needs your support. Giving him space to heal properly is the best support you can give him
  3. He doesn’t let you get close to his children and will not introduce you to his parents and relatives. This is because he is afraid of commitments.
  4. He always wants you around to cook and do other house chores and also service him in the ‘other room’ yet will not talk about your future with him. It is clear he is not ready yet. Sweetheart, don’t be an instrument make a decision today.
  5. If after the death of his wife, he has been in many previous relationships that didn’t last, just be aware that you can not please him.

If the widower you are into keeps showing you any of the above signs just know that he has not moved on from his loss, sweetheart, go get yourself a better man who will not make you feel less or second to another in his heart.

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