A-Reece – Red Dragon ft. 25K & Jay Jody

A-Reece – Red Dragon ft. 25K & Jay Jody mp3 download free lyrics

A-Reece – Red Dragon ft. 25K & Jay Jody mp3 Download free

Following the recent 420 celebration day, multiple award winning rapper and record producer A-Reece who have been on fire lately is here today with his long awaited 2022 song titled Red Dragon where he partnered with 25K & Jay Jody alongside it’s lyrics. Cop below and enjoy.

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“Red Dragon” will serve as the first track from the youngster this year, and no better time to perfect the year than on the Cannabis day. The track was produced by Logical Rhymez, SorryZeke, Michael Tuohy & IceMan Beats, under Revenge club records. The track was curved out from his just released 2022 mini album project titled “The Burning Tree EP” which housed 9 tracks in all and this time he worked with other top artists in the country.

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A-Reece – Red Dragon ft. 25K & Jay Jody Lyrics:

[Intro: A-Reece]
Yeah, yeah

[Chorus: A-Reece]
Big pimpin’ smokin’ weed
We be, big pimpin’ in ATV
And we be, big pimpin’ out in JHB
This be that, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Big pimpin’ smokin’ weed
We be, big pimpin’ in ATV
And we be, big pimpin’ out in JHB
This be that Baby Boy, 25 and Jay Jody

[Verse 1: A-Reece]
Yeah, I need a lot not a little
Can’t be the man in the middle
Flippin’ the double, the triple, we major like keys on a fiddle
It wasn’t coincidental I knew it would happen this way
This shit was carved with a chisel
I mean I can tell that the Cuban is solid
But I know that eagle is brittle
You got your head in the closet, I’m keeping my head on the swivel
Gotta replace the safe
I need a vault ’cause I make more than your fiscal
Why should I worry about niggas? They don’t even pay my dental
‘Long as they got eight figures, where do I sign my initials?
I ain’t no killer my nigga but with this kind of paper ain’t nobody catchin’ me sleepin’
This year I’m coppin’ you a pistol
I ain’t gotta pay no shooter ’cause my bro is my hitter
They should reconsider
They still broke and bitter
I got rich and bigger
Big pimpin’ like Jigga
Gucci still my dealer
My shit got no fillers
Bitch get out your ayy
Bitch get ayy
Bitch get out your feelings

[Chorus: A-Reece]
Big pimpin’ smokin’ weed
We be, big pimpin’ in ATV
And we be, big pimpin’ out in JHB
This be that (Baby Boy, 25 and Jay Jody)

[Verse 2: 25K]
Sny seno thoma leo nsupa
Wang kutswa
Ako senya nako ako mutla
Ke tsentsitse Order ya Modova phone
Ke fone ka yona ke tsentse load
Onyaka ko pheli nna kemo zone
Ke plugger ka nnete ke tshwana le Bone
E keyona Trap ya hao ke
Heke tlobotse skipa ke korile goal(Killer)
Nna nkamo changer ke tlisa remote
Kilo wa dripper o jile ke vote
Trap seminar o kana wa tseya di note
Omisa dating kemo tshwarisa boat,SNY
Khale ke phela ka da kenwa SKYY
Nfano a re mitsi re skima ntatae
Ke nyaka e le byao so leng charger bokae
Nfana hare tella re botsa kokwae(Kokwae)

[Verse 3: Jay Jody]
Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’, Christopher Nolan into stellar floation’
Feel like a dungeon dragon drippin’ on magic potions
I pass the blunt and notion, look like we movin’ in circular motion
Handsome culture free promotion
Don’t compete I’m simply chosen, thought provokin’
Quit cappin’, like the moon landing
Stick to your branding
I got the loudest chanting
Look how the boys charting
Look at me now, something
We can go pound for pound my nigga but look at the board we crushing
You fronting

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