A-Reece – Strictly For My Bitch

A-Reece – Strictly For My Bitch mp3 download free

A-Reece – Strictly For My Bitch mp3 Download free

Multiple award winning rapper and hip hop mogul A-Reece who have been considered by many as the best in the genre is on a new vibes as he delivers a new 2021 song titled Strictly For My Bitch. Cop below and enjoy.

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“Strictly For My Bitch” marks his first single this year, which will be inclusive on his upcoming studio LP project titled “Paradise 2 Album” which is likely to be released later this year as fans have been waiting for so long for the project, so stay tuned as we will be the first to drop the full project upon release. In the main time, update your playlist and leave a feedback with us using the comment box below.

A-Reece whose real name is Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge as many already is a South African rapper and songwriter, who have been hitting up the industry for more than half a decade now including his time with his former boss Ambitiouz Entertainment. He rose to limelight around 2015 after signing with the record label and dropping his first album “Paradise” and thus attracting many awards and fame, including the MTV Mama Award.

He later became some idles for many at the time goes by after dropping “From Me to you and only you” in 2017 and also “L3 (Long Lost Letter)” around 2018 before leaving the record label and becoming an independent music artist, and thus proving his top class status with his last project “Reece Effect” which he dropped in 2019 and that will mark his last project before the pandemic strock.

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“Strictly For My Bitch” will follow his hit track “John Doe” and “Residual Self Image” where he connected with songstress Ayanda Jiya. So with this there’s no doubt that the youngster will be dropping the Paradise 2 album this year, so wait for it.

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A-Reece – Strictly For My Bitch Lyrics:


[Verse 1]
I give her good dick when she get anxious
Fuck her like I’m tryna make a statement
Fuck her till she ask me if I came yet
Fuck her back to sleep, she woke up and asked a nigga where the day went
Told her what I’m packing is sedative, now I got her wetter than a wave is
We on the same wavelength
I know we both started from the pavement
Got it how we could and now we higher than Dubai skyscrapers
I’m rolling blunts longer than my grandma’s prayers, fuck the neighbours
That pussy so good I could eat it on the table, yeah
They hate the fact that I’m still with you
They hate the fact you keep gettin’ a load of this real nigga
I tell em “Go figure”, the card got no limit
I could feed a whole village and still have enough to spoil you with it
Fuck with me and I’ll take you on a hiatus
They don’t even have a reason why the hate us, yeah


[Verse 2]
I tell her “Baby I’m a changed man”
Switched up to the Valentinos from the RayBans
I tell her “Cancel if you made plans”
Cause that pussy so fire got me feeling like a caveman
Two years later I can’t believe we still together
Last year I didn’t even think that we would see December
I’m guessin’ that we’re God’s favourites
You always gettin’ mad at me just to make up an hour later
But I like it cause it ain’t too complicated
You like it when I’m kissin’ down your naval
Shit is lit and I’m the power cable
Pay no mind to all the commentators, they just commentatin’
Fuck ’em they can take it how they wanna take it
Cause I’ma end up puttin’ somethin’ in that fuckin’ cradle, ha, yeah
Fuck with me and you guaranteed to be famous
They don’t even have a reason why the hate us, yeah

Fuck with me and you guaranteed to be famous
They don’t even have a reason why the hate us, yeah

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