AKA backlash a fan who shades at his fashion sense

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AKA backlash a fan who shades at his fashion sense

SA rapper AKA was really provoked last night on the first day on 2019 by a fan on Twitter who shades at his dress sense which he rocked during his performance which he in turn backlash the fan.

The fan said: “What the hell is @akaworldwide wearing at the #factdurbanrocks ?? This is disrespect. Dude, you need to respect your fans. Or is it because he’s toooooooo wasted?”

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However, the rapper nailed back at the dude by trying to give a financial statement of his wears at the event.

“Versace sneakers. 20k. a G star jeans. 8k. Chinatown Market sweater. 10k. Rolex Oyster Perpetual datejust. 110k(left wrist) Rolex Oyster perpetual datejust big face bust down(250k) thin ass gold chain(12k) … kiss my ass attitude…. priceless.” AKA backlash the fan

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A this was going on, the fan didn’t actually stopped there, he further tried to advice the Tito Mboweni’s front man on his dressing sense stating that even though the clothes were expensive but they looked cheap on the rapper’s body.

“Look at your own avatar. How are you giving me style advice? … like how fam?!?! … you’re wearing a tank top from Markhams and tweeting from android.” The rapper replied the fan

Check out the tweets below:

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