Caltonic SA – Yano Master Vol 2 Album

Caltonic SA – Yano Master Vol 2 Album zip mp3 download free 2021

Caltonic SA – Yano Master Vol 2 Album zip mp3 Download free 2021

finally the wait is over as top notch DJ and record producer Caltonic SA who have been making lots of headlines lately is here today with his long awaited LP project titled Yano Master Vol 2 Album which will serve as the second installment of his yearly amapiano vibes. Cop below and enjoy.

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“Yano Master Vol 2 Album” have been the talk of the town for long now since the hit maker announced it’s launch earlier this year. The project will house about 24 tracks in all and featuring the likes of Nomtee, Jessica LM, Rascoe Kaos, Tee Jay, MaWhoo, Sje Konka, Team Mosha, Mgiftoz, Zete D’roba & ForegZampul, Mckenzie Matome, Keyrabo, Milanzi Melody, Musa Keys, TL Deep, Naqua SA, Leon Lee, YuurGirl DJ Lola, Sammie Ca, Swart Spear, The Equalizer, DJ Buckz and Skillo. So without added ado, update your playlist and leave a feedback with us using the comment box below.

Caltonic SA as many have been very familiar with that name, and some often calls him the Advance Vigro Deep linking to the fact that they both produce slimier sound and effects. The hit maker came to limelight last year after his tracks was wrongly attributed to Vigro Deep and thus causing online saga which led to the beef from both fans after Vigro made it clear that he don’t produce that way. And since then Mr Caltonic have perfected his name on the Terminator Album which still tops many local charts till date and coming today with the part 2 of his Yano Master Vol 2 Album simply shows how dope the DJ can be.

The “Yano Master Vol 2 Album” as we said earlier will mark his second installment after dropping the Yano Master Vol 1 last year. The project was kick-started with his most anticipated track “Nizolimala”, where he linked up with Nomtee, Jessica LM, Rascoe Kaos and Tee Jay, and then ended the project with Skillo where they went on loggerhead to deliver Calling, and before that housed other top piano tunes on the tracklist.

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Tracklist Of Yano Master Vol 2 Album:

1. Caltonic SA – Nizolimala (feat. Nomtee, Jessica LM, Rascoe Kaos & Tee Jay)

2. Caltonic SA – Ithemba (feat. MaWhoo & Sje Konka)

3. Caltonic SA – Ncela Amanamba (feat. Mgiftoz)

4. Caltonic SA – Wayawaya (feat. Nomtee & Team Mosha)

5. Caltonic SA – Pakistan (feat. Mgiftoz)

6. Caltonic SA – Awenze (feat. MaWhoo, Zete D’roba & ForegZampul)

7. Caltonic SA – Mo Money (feat. Mckenzie Matome)

8. Caltonic SA – Magita (feat. Keyrabo & Milanzi Melody)

9. Caltonic SA – Izinto (feat. Musa Keys)

10. Caltonic SA – Yekela (feat. Team Mosha)

11. Caltonic SA – Backspace (feat. TL Deep & Naqua SA)

12. Caltonic SA – Kwaitolive

13. Caltonic SA – Spirit (feat. Team Mosha)

14. Caltonic SA – Nice Journey (feat. Leon Lee & YuurGirl DJ Lola)

15. Caltonic SA – Kwenzakalani (feat. Mgiftoz)

16. Caltonic SA – Sekele

17. Caltonic SA – Far Away (feat. Sammie Ca)

18. Caltonic SA – Mahamba Yedwa (feat. Swart Spear)

19. Caltonic SA – Asibambeke (feat. The Equalizer)

20. Caltonic SA – Twelve Midnight (feat. DJ Buckz)

21. Caltonic SA – Fire (feat. Sje Konka)

22. Caltonic SA – Bambelela (feat. MaWhoo & Sje Konka)

23. Caltonic SA – Sengvukile (feat. Leon Lee)

24. Caltonic SA – Calling (feat. Skillo)

Download and share “Yano Master Vol 2 Album”. Don’t forget to drop your comments below.

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