Cassper Nyovest Laments On Getting A Second Car

Cassper Nyovest Laments On Getting A Second Car

Cassper Nyovest Laments On Getting A Second Car

On Twitter today, South African award winning rapper and hip hop sensation Cassper Nyovest shares a response about his inability to get a second car at the moment and added that it’s though lately.

Some weeks ago, Cass made it open that he won’t go broke despite the lockdown and can go for 3 months with a gig and won’t feel anything. Now looks like the story is about to change as he seems to be feeling the hunger which the pandemic is bringing to the nation.


The rapper’s net worth will be around R120M, with many assets which he has always been boastful about, and also working with Sony and other top companies for almost half a decade now.

If there’s one thing we’ve come to learn about Cassper is that he is a lover of the finer things in life, and if he can afford it, he will definitely buy it.

From his luxurious mansion to his jewelry and of course, his luxurious wheels.

When Cassper’s career took a trajectory of its own, the man changed from just being another rapper from Maftown to one of South Africa’s biggest superstars.


In 2019, Cassper flaunts his new Bentley ride worth R3.6 million which he called MaOrange and have been seen with it in some of his recent music videos.

A fan urged him to get a second luxurious ride before the year 2020 rolls out.

In response, Mufasa said: “My guy!!!! It’s tough!!! I aint even thinking of buying cars right now!!! Im working hard to keep what i have and not lose too many things cause one thing for sure, something has to go. Life as an artist in these corona times is hard. GWA NYEWA!!! RE MO MASEPENG!!!!”

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