How To Become Popular: Free and low-budget ways to promote a channel on YouTube

How To Become Popular: Free and low-budget ways to promote a channel on YouTube

How To Become Popular: Free and low-budget ways to promote a channel on YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video hosting of our time. Hundreds of millions of users around the world go online to watch the novelties of their favorite authors and artists like Cassper Nyovest, Nasty C, Kabza De Small and many others, relax after a hard day or learn something new. Site has become an analogue of TV for many active Internet users. This is much more convenient than watching TV programs, because you can choose which content to watch based on your preferences. In addition, there is content on YouTube for people of any age and different interests. On the site you can see training videos, entertainment clips, and even real investigations.

Some channel authors have gained fame thanks to hosting. Especially lucky are those who started their career in video blogging before the site became so famous. They didn’t have to buy youtube subscribers, because then the competition wasn’t as serious as it is now. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to achieve a good result in 2022.

In this article we will tell you which inexpensive and free ways of promotion are relevant this year.

Optimize your content.

It is important to correctly fill in items such as the name and description. Include relevant phrases in the title of the video: the main keyword, the name of the product or brand (for business), the name of the speaker, if it’s an interview, hashtag, event name, city or country. The video description should have a whole list of clickable text. It will be great if you write down the time code and subtitles, then the chances that a lot of people will watch the clip will increase significantly. And the more users watch more than half of the video, the better. The algorithms of the platform will consider that the content is of high quality and the probability of getting into the recommendations of viewers will be much higher.

Using traffic from other social networks.

If you have developed accounts on popular platforms or you have a website, you can use this to promote the channel. It is enough to notify subs each time about the release of a new clip. You may have noticed that this method is often used by bloggers who have a large loyal audience. The more sincere and open you are to subscribers, the more likely they will want to support your creativity. Do you have a business? Then do not forget to indicate in the “contacts” a link to your channel where you create content about your products or services. This will help not only in promoting the account, but also contribute to increasing sales and awareness of the company.

Collaboration with authors of other channels.

This method is especially popular among newcomers who want to get viewers who will be interested in their content quickly and for free. Advertisements are not as effective as collaboration with bloggers, because viewers tend to trust live people more. To make the advertisement look as natural as possible, you can arrange a marathon together, conduct a live broadcast or shoot a joint video, if there is such an opportunity. But this method is not relevant for everyone. If you have created a channel recently and do not have a large number of subscribers, there is a chance that the maker will refuse to collaborate. In this case, you will either have to wait for an organic addition of viewers or buy real youtube subscribers so as not to waste time waiting.


Up-to-date content is an important component of any channel. If your videos do not meet current trends, the probability that the content will become popular is very low. Explore the Internet space to understand which content is in demand. Analyze popular clips of competitors and authors of similar thematic accounts. Enter keywords in the “search” to see the top videos on your topic.


Entertainment content has always been popular and will always be relevant. Especially users like to watch how makers perform various funny tasks. Such videos often get into people’s recommendations, so the authors get a lot of viewers, likes and comments. Thus, they will increase the activity on the channel, and accordingly the account is promoted to the top.

New technologies have given us many opportunities to become popular, develop a business or brand, as well as earn money without leaving home. Take account management responsibly, combine promotion methods, experiment and increase the level of content. Then you will definitely achieve the desired result. Good luck!

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