J Molley – Rumours

J Molley – Rumours mp3 download free lyrics

J Molley – Rumours mp3 Download free

As we groove towards the weekend vibes, high talented music artist and performer J Molley who have been trending lately returns with his long awaited 2022 song titled Rumours alongside it’s lyrics. Cop below and enjoy.

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“Rumours” was curved out off his just released 10 tracks studio LP project titled “Almost Dead Album” which have proven to become one of the best SA hip hop project this year already. The track also have been causing havoc both withing and international level as fans can’t get over the tune. So without added ado, update your playlist and leave a feedback with us using the comment box below.

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J Molley – Rumours Lyrics:


[Verse 1]
When we did that stick up there’s was rumours that we had a gun
Molley took some pictures, took the loot and then we hit the run
Rappers really bitches, they ain’t shooters when I’m there they run
Plastic printed pistol but these missiles penetrate your lungs
3D printed pistol but the bullets real (Bullets real)
Bitch you better piss off cause these bullets kill
Molley getting richеr, painting pictures get you Richard Mills
Molley moving quickеr, writing scriptures get you record deals
Reck a mill then make a mill and spend it well
We’ve all made mistakes but we recover still
We don’t do complaints, we don’t create no issues that ain’t real
We pull up in whips that got these litte rappers in they feels

Can’t believe he said I didn’t make a Milli
Can’t believe he meant he hasn’t made it really
Can’t believe his friends is villains, gave him 20
Can’t believe his mommy keep him hidden weary
Can’t believe that I’m not kidding, shame he’s silly
I make milli’s, you fuck kiddies, I build empires, you duck cities
You no biggie, you too skinny
I’m like 50, I’m getting rich unless you kill me
I’m too dizzy, I’m too filthy
We got sticks and shit gets sticky

[Verse 2]
Oh man, I’m Molley they wanna pop me
Like man, I’m Molley and damn I’m cocky
This bitch is naughty, she got it on me
And fuck your posse, they cannot stop me
Hold up, blow blow, when we see opps on road
I look psychotic, I popped narcotics right before the show
I’m not an artist, I’m just a product of a broken home
Not only honest, I actually fought to make it out the cold
Shawty evoke so much emotion within me
Emotion makes me feel itchy
My heart’s frozen hers is pretty
She’s chosen to leave it with me
Fuck me lick me, make it sticky
I picked you and I’m damn picky
Keep it fifty plus plus fifty
I got rich and I got stingy
Suck my dick, bitch, you’re a mini me
You ain’t killing me
You ain’t really free
You ain’t really g
You ain’t ready, see
I know heavy G’s
They make messy scenes
You can’t mess with me
You can’t mess with me

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