K.O – Omega Freestyle (Big Zulu Diss)

K.O - Omega Freestyle (Big Zulu Diss) mp3 download free lyrics

K.O – Omega Freestyle (Big Zulu Diss) mp3 Download free

Finally the wait has come to an end as legendary South African hip hop artist K.O who have been so furious about the recent happenings in the genre decides to deliver a perfect masterpiece titled Omega Freestyle which he used as Big Zulu Diss track alongside it’s lyrics. Cop below and enjoy.

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“Omega Freestyle (Big Zulu Diss)” will serve as the 4th track from the Mr Cashtime this year and since he opened his clothing line, and prior to the release of this one, he made mention of an upcoming studio album but wasn’t specific about it’s date, but we can presume it to be around first quarter of next year. So stay tuned with us as we will be the first to deliver the full project upon release, but in the main time, update your playlist and leave a feedback with us using the comment box below.

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K.O – Omega Freestyle (Big Zulu Diss) Lyrics:

Now why you wanna go and do that?
(Welcome to the planet)

A classic ’bout to drop, we ’bout to have a party
NeSete is the top, ja ses’bamb’ u-number one
It’s time to make a sacrifice, shlabel’ abaphansi
Grab the Bull by the horns, vele s’nqamul’ intamo ye nkabi
I’m stretching niggas out, lil’ Maybach Benz
Mawufun’ sikqedel’ i-career, okay, just say that then
I’ma show them how to catch a body while I make them dance
UNtab’ yaseDubai um’ cross-ile just pay that man
Kwadabuk’ I-omega, kwasiphuka nesdindi
Mak’ngen’ ivesi lakh’ ivel’ icishw’ Imal’ Eningi
Uyibhimbi when you spittin’, ngapha liqinile nolimi
Wonder liyafik’ i-royalty е-family’n ka Riky Rick
Gospel when I’m on the pulpit
Nkabi Nation, who fucks with that bullshit?
Nakh’ sеng’bhaxabula one of my students
He was raising his voice ngoba ngamshaya ngama blue ticks ku-WhatsApp
One shot kill mina mang’ deal-a nolov’
Ekse umagez’ aka-book’iwa thina lasgijima khon’
And yeah with this catalog, ngiselokishin’ naseNorth
It’s more to life than uk’performa boma Bree naseNoord
Number 10 kule skipa, ooh that’s Messi
I-Gucci neBrentiza? Ooh that’s nasty
Ikwali over features? Ooh that’s sassy
A student I’m the teacher, ooh that’s classy
A king getting off his throne just for a second
Ngingen’ esxukwini ngiyo disciplin-a one of my peasants
Khohlw’ I-back and forth, it’s not gonna happen it’s just a teachable moment
But if escalates I’m up for the challenge
UBrad Pitt ku Troy ungizwa ngimemez’ esangwen
Phuma phansi kwesidwaba ulov uk’mele wemhlath’ wenja
Your flow i-karaoke ka Duncan noZakwe
I-caracara okhul’mangalo waligibela nodad’wenu
I’m too cold to hold, baba too hard to handle
Black Twitter now you know I’m too hard to cancel
My cup runneth over, I need a super large cup
Black Coffee lang’hamba khona, I’m getting superstar bucks
Feed me rappers, bring the food to me
Inkab’ is nothing but some low hanging fruit to me
But fuck it I’m applying pressure until kuphahlak’ iskobho
K’saphak’ ub’chopho
Cabang’ ukuth’ ulova angek ak’dlel’ ithambo lenqondo
Zonke lezinja they all wanna be me, niyakopa anifihli
Ngin’ drop’ele i-pin
But nonke lakimi, solok’ anifiki
Inkab’ inguncede nje oyihlomek’ othini
Isiphuphile leyontelezi owayithol’ eJozini
Umdala wensizwa, uzokhalel’ i-feature

Now why you wanna go and do that? (Do that-that)
Now why you wanna go and do that?
Now why you wanna go and do that?

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