L-Tido Sends Mom A Heartwarming Message

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L-Tido Sends Mom A Heartwarming Message

L-Tido Sends Mom A Heartwarming Message

It’s written in almost every good book that behind every successful man is a strong woman no matter what the context, and hip hop prodigy L-Tido decides to share some heartwarming message to his mom as he give all the credit to her for her unconditional love, support and above all for being there for him in desperate times.

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On his recent tweet, he shared a picture of himself and his mom on a couch where loved filled the area as we can see love in his ears and on the captioned he shared a heart melting message as he shows appreciation he has for his mom who didn’t have it easy being a is a single mother.

L-Tido, unlike every other rapper shares very little about his background and family however, he opened up on social media stating that even through their struggles his mother would always provide for him, working very hard to take him to the best schools and come through for him in every way possible.

“Thank you for everything mama . You the most selfless and strongest women on earth . You raised me as a single parent in Alexandra and regardless of our struggles you made sure you took me to the best schools and provided for me in so many ways . I love and appreciate you” he wrote.



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