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Moozlie – Fourways Freestyle ft. Reason

Moozlie – Fourways Freestyle ft. Reason mp3 download free

Moozlie – Fourways Freestyle ft. Reason mp3 Download free

Just when we thought we had seen it all, top notch rapper and performer Moozlie who have been hitting up the industry is here today with a new song titled Fourways Freestyle where she features Reason. Cop below and enjoy.

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“Fourways Freestyle” was curved out off her new mini 2020 LP project “Spirit Of OG Album” which will also feature other top notch music artists in the country, and will house about 16 tracks in all and is expected to be released tomorrow being the 18th day of December, so stay tuned. The project also will be one of the best in the country in this last quarter and is expected to top many local charts in few weeks. So without added ado, update your playlist and leave a feedback with using the comment box below.

Stream, and share “Fourways Freestyle”. Don’t forget to drop your comments below.

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Moozlie – Fourways Freestyle ft. Reason Lyrics:

Mic check, one-two, one-two
Wozobona, san

[Hook: Reason]
Tjela wonk’ umuntu emataxini na semacorneni
Ngeke ngihlukane nekasi noma ngingaya e-Fourways
North life, pretty soft life, fede always
Ngeke ngihlukane nekasi noma ngingaya e-Fourways
Gucci drip, delela ne Samson ayi baxoleli
Ngeke ngihlukane nekasi noma ngingaya e-Fourways
Thina se ghetto fabulous, pull up in a [?] (Ngeke ngihlukane nekasi noma ngingaya e-Fourways)

[Verse: Moozlie]
I never drop the ball, I drop the vеrses
Moozlie push the pеn, they call the hearses
Y’all may be [?], you no you shit ain’t perfect
You know I’m friends with everyone that writes her verse
Yourself included, how dare you be so deluded
They know that they can’t [?], they quick to jump to conclusions
Call them on the phone and they’re quick to give you excuses
Look everywhere [?]
Fuck is you saying? We walked so you could run
And all we did was show y’all love
But friends are forever changing, that’s the way it goes
I guess it’s true when they say true colours will always show
Talking that smack and I’ma go on attack
Don’t act like we don’t each other better than that
I wear the female rapper title like a three piece suit
Can’t get the favour with us in the [?]
There’s repercussions for actions so we expect more
Yeah, heard that before (Shout out to uncle Joe)
Fake niggas better [?]
I don’t do the kiddie shit
I’m with the turn up, I stay on my biggie shit
Get on the mic and you know I fucking kill this shit
Sucker niggas tryna act like they don’t feel this shit
Blasphemy no longer gets the pass from me
Thought that I was dead
Ngizo uvugela nga masimba like: “It’s me again!”
Seng’ buyile ke, asishe ke
I get better with the [?] so, mak’ nyiwe ke
Take your best shot, you know I’m hot
‘Cause haters never take the time to talk about the niggas that’s not
Just tell the truth, you know once dropped these rappers is dead
With every rhyme I spit, I empty out a clip on the head
With bullets of rage, fire that they can’t replicate
I’m the semi automatic in the hands of John Wayne
Swagger dripping, Vodka sipping
Always on the winning team, I ball with the greats like I’m Scottie Pippen
I got mad ambition on the money making mission
With every move I’m making, I got these niggas wishing
That they was in my position
‘Cause they don’t even got a pot to piss in
So we’re about it when we see the [?]
Go to Twitter and you hear the snakes hissing
[?] see the devil grinning, disgusting
I could never trust em
So every time I see them I wanna beat em, I wanna bust em
And burn them, burry they’re ashes
Send a lil’ [?] to any one taking chances

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