Rapper Reason Near Death Experience In 2018

Rapper Reason Near Death Experience In 2018

SA rapper Reason feels grateful to God Almighty for his near death experience in 2018 and having witnessed the end of this year in good health and for being alive despite all the challenges faced.

The rap mogul shares how lucky he was to escape a fatal accident on social media. In which nearly took his life. He is glad he survived it, because, he would be able to see his twins.

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“I nearly died this year. I nearly lost an opportunity to see my twins for the first time, to tell my lady i love her and show my children how much they mean to me. I nearly never had a chance to show my family my achievements inspite of my failures. I nearly never gave the world my heart and soul with #Azania. I nearly died this year. But im alive this year. And im LIVING more next year. I took down names. I framed them, and prayed for them to have great vision cause they finna see the glory that covered me this year.”

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