Shane Eagle – Baby Blue 4’s

Shane Eagle – Baby Blue 4's mp3 download free lyrics

Shane Eagle – Baby Blue 4’s mp3 Download free

As we groove to the weekend vibes, top notch music artist Shane Eagle who have been on the lips of every music lover lately is here today with his long awaited 2021 song titled Baby Blue 4’s alongside it’s lyrics. Cop below and enjoy.

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“Baby Blue 4’s” have been on the wishlist of many music lovers for long now since the snippet was released online some weeks ago, and the youngster also agitating to come through with yet another studio LP project later this year. So stay tuned with us, but in the main time, update your playlist and leave a feedback with us using the comment box below.

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Shane Eagle – Baby Blue 4’s Lyrics:


[Chorus 1]
Young Eagle drop a classic on they head top
My body like a camera, get your head cropped
Drop the top, got some legends on my block
These the baby blue 4’s, they deadstock
Every way you can
Lock the door, lock your door
Check the time, check the score
I’m really here for sure, huh (Yeah)

I don’t even shop at the mall, it’s where we want (Where I want)
Press a button, make hеr cum yeah (Cum)
You don’t wanna play in the sun yeah (In thе sun)
You don’t wanna play with the son yeah
He ain’t serious, what he say?
He ain’t talking ends, we cannot play
Nah man, I’m at the top where the legends play
Yeah man, this that water it evaporates
The foot on their ends, the foot on their necks
I’m still in the gym, I’m getting the reps
Neck on pressure
Smokin’ on pressure
This that pressure
My girl too fly, had to finesse her
Feeling like, a million ain’t enough
Feeling like ten ain’t enough
Guess I’ma stack it up
Rule number one: Never switch on your mans
Rule number two: Never put no hoe before your Benz
Rule number three: Don’t fuck with me or the G’s
Rule number four: It ain’t no rule, just lock the door
I’m kickin’ it down ’cause that’s how I’m feelin’, huh huh
I’m stackin’ it up, ’cause we got no ceilings (Yeah)
Spinnin’, spinnin’
This tha gang shit, get out your feelings
We make millions, her ass Brazillian
Don’t play with the G’s
Don’t play with the G’s
Don’t play with the G’s
Don’t play with the (G’s)

[Chorus 2]
These the baby blue 1’s, they deadstock
Young Eagle drop a classic on they head (Okay)
I got some Nintendo that these niggas never play
We playin’ NBA, vitctory, we’re not the same yeah
You always with the lil’ boys, not the top dogs
Die laaste hond, we street fighter yeah we Honda
I’m more like Ken
Can’t do the [?], check the lense
We rap about life, they rap about rap
We seeing M’s

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