Shane Eagle – Numerology

Shane Eagle – Numerology mp3 download free lyrics

Shane Eagle – Numerology mp3 Download free

As we groove towards the weekend vibes, high talented rap mogul Shane Eagle who have been making lots of headlines lately is here today with a new song titled Numerology alongside it’s lyrics. Cop below and enjoy.

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“Numerology” was curved from his upcoming 18 tracks studio LP project which is titled “Green Album” which will be seeing the light of the day later next month, and this time he chooses to go international. Update your playlist and leave a feedback with us using the comment box below.

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Shane Eagle – Numerology Lyrics:

[Verse 1]
Yo, middle finger up
Still puffin dolo, rollin solo
Fuck nigga, get at me
We been poppin like it’s acne
Spark one if you trynna match me
Stay flirting like Aladdin ???
??? how it’s elevating, like the ladders
Most of these rappers are just actors as you know
I’m the young CEO
I’m the captain of the boat
Niggas still mad cause they drowning in the flow
Like young DiCaprio, uh (yeah, yeah)
Not a rollie that’s a 2 ??? (two)
Ballin out in Europe like I’m ???
Get the fuck off your phone, it’s killin my vibe
Had to cut some niggas off, they killin my pride
A couple things you can’t explain you just feel ’em inside
My mind, my body, my soul, man it’s all alignеd
It’s perfect time
I feel likе time is one thing
I feel my mind be drifting
Niggas killin niggas over bills, blood spills
You should use your pain to make art to make mills
Break the cycle don’t stand still (don’t stand still)
Break the cycle don’t stand still (stand still)
Break the cycle don’t stand still (nigga yeah)
Break the cycle don’t stand still, damn (stand still)

[Interlude 1]

Yo (uhhh)
(uhhh) Yeah

Time move different now
Time move different now (yeah)
Time move different now
Said the time’s moving different now (yeah)
The time moving different now (yeah)
Said the time’s moving different now (aye, aight look)

[Interlude 2]

*Beat Switch*

Yeah yeah
It’s like my favourite song, wait

Last time I saw you, you didn’t look so well
Didn’t look so well
Last time I saw you, you looked so well
Looked so well
Last time I saw you things didn’t go so well
Since then it seems like I done walked through hell

[Interlude 2]

*Beat Switch*

Yeah, skyyy
Let that shit fall, thank you fot the blessings Lord
Ahh yes, God

[Verse 2]
I love you to the moon and back
To the sun and back
Even if it never rise again
I didn’t pre-write this shit and act like I could spit it again
I just spit it how it come nigga
Same way the blessings fall nigga, uh
Ask me if I want it all
I say some things is just simply written in the stars
Uh, I cut deeper, my soul freer, my mind freer
I got this far without a cosign
Eagle don’t need road signs
I asked myself what it took to be the greatest of all time
It’s clear skies, it’s all mine
I get frustrated when it didn’t happen in time
It’s been pre-planned, you’ll be fine
Go outside
Catch some ???
Put your phone down, shine
Fast forward time, you got a halo
I seen the wings through the mirror
I been here before, it’s all clear uhhh

Yeah you my joy

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