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Signs That You Are Married To A Cheating Husband

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Signs That You Are Married To A Cheating Husband

Your instinct is telling you that you are not the only woman in your husband’s life that he is involved with. Your husband is cheating on you but you can’t prove it because you have not caught him yet. Deep inside of you the feeling is strong. You get bothered because you can’t trust your instincts, though you feel that something is going wrong in your marriage.

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Not all cheating husbands come home to their wives with stains of lipstick on their lips or shirts, as evidence that they are cheating with other mistresses.

19 Signs That You Are Married To A Cheating Husband

1: He Safe-guards His Phone: He gets mad at you whenever you pick up his phone to either check date or time. He moves about with his phone even to the toilet so that you can’t get hold of his phone.

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2: He Is Always Home Late: He lies about one emergency meeting or the other that makes him come back home late

3: He Picks Quarrels With You Over Meaningless Things: He does this so that he will leave home for some couple of days, weeks and even months, abandoning you with the children.

4: When There Is A Little Misunderstanding, He Reports You To His Friends And Family Members: This is because he feels guilty. He will play the victim by telling them that you nag a lot. So that everyone will blame you for his misconduct.

5: He Sometimes Mistakenly Calls You Another Name: He has too many women in his life and often times, he mistakes one for another.

6: When He Is Asleep, You See Him Smiling And Calling The Name Of Another Woman In His Dream.

7: He Is Always Interested In His Looks: He cares more about his appearance. He spends money on bleaching creams to keep his skin lightened and glowing in order to attract his female customers.

8: He Doesn’t Remember Your Birthday And Wedding Anniversary Dates: A community husband will always forget his wife’s birthday but never forgets appointments with different women.

9: He Doesn’t Care For You And Your Children: Your husband doesn’t pay attention to you and your children and the entire family. He fails to attend to your needs and his children welfare.

10: He Doesn’t Tell You When He Receives His Salary And What He Does With It: A community husband will never let his wife know anything about his finance. But will be quick to alert his wife when he becomes broke after lavishing money on his mistresses. Sometimes, such husbands steal their wives money. Some borrow from their wives and they never pay back. Such men are always broke.

11: He Has Kids With Other Women Outside Marriage: husbands who cheat on their wives sometimes have children with their mistresses without the knowledge of their wives. If the mistress is a tough one, she forces him to take full responsibility for her baby and herself. He’s got no choice; she joins the league.

12: He Accuses You Of Cheating Without Any Evidence: suddenly he starts saying that he has a feeling that you are cheating on him, even without evidence.

13: He Is Always In A Hurry To Leave The House. The moment he gets back home, he is getting ready to leave again.

14: He Keeps Telling Lies Upon Lies To Cover Up His Mess: Don’t ever get surprised when your trusted friends tell you that they saw your husband in Durban town, meanwhile he told you he went for a meeting in Soweto city.

15: He Always Encourages You To Travel With The Kids: He does this so that he can bring his mistress home in your absence.

16: A Community Husband Doesn’t Go Out With His Family: He visits all the restaurants, clubs and sit-outs around town but will never go to such places with his wife. Whenever his family is invited to a social event, he gives excuses for not going in company of his wife and children. This is because he doesn’t want his mistresses to see his wife.

17: He Always Wants Space And Privacy: When ever he goes out, his line suddenly becomes unreachable or unavailable.

18: He Stops Getting Intimate With You: A cheating husband hardly finds time for intimacy with his wife. When he does, he ends up comparing her with his mistresses.

19: He Frequently Condemns Cheating And Always Tells How Much He hates Cheats.

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