What is the 10-point system in boxing?

What is the 10-point system in boxing?

Many boxing matches are governed by the 10-point system. You can join 1xBet now to start wagering on everything that comes from these epic fights too. Each boxing round is like a mini-battle, lasting around 3 minutes. Your mission is to land punches on your opponent while dodging his.

Now, after those intense 3 minutes, it’s judgment time. There are 3 judges at ringside who become the arbiters of your fate. They assess the round based on many criteria, with 4 examples being:

  • effective punching;
  • how well you defend;
  • your control of the ring;
  • and your overall aggression.

These aspects of boxing can be wagered for great rewards if you join the 1xBet platform now and enjoy the bets. Then, each of the 3 judges give you his score, usually 10 points for the winner and fewer for the loser, depending on how the round played out.

A few examples

Let’s imagine a round where you did things almost perfectly by doing 3 key things: making clean punches, moving well and having control over the overall fight. In this case, it is likely that you will get a 10-9 score. Right now betting on line is easy with 1xBet, and here you can also wager on how many points a boxer is likely to get too.

Instead, if things were quite even and the 2 boxers performed in a similar manner, the score might be a 10-10. However, if you knock your opponent down, you can snag a 10-8, or even a 10-7 for a super epic knockdown. At this moment making on line betting is easy with 1xBet, and here you can also wager if someone will win a fight through knockout too.

But it’s not all about throwing punches. Defense matters too. If you’re dodging and weaving well, you will earn points for your slick moves.

Uncertain finishes

Let’s imagine now the situation where all the rounds are done and the scores are tallied. When making all virtual sports betting with 1xBet, you will also be able to wager on the scores of virtual boxing matches too.

If you dominate most of the rounds, you will likely win by unanimous decision. But if it’s a nail-biter, it could end in a split decision, where 2 judges lean your way and 1 goes for the other guy.

But, let’s be real, boxing isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes, judges don’t agree with their assessments, which can make them argue on who should win a match. That’s because scoring a fight is like an art, with every person having their own interpretation. Now it is possible to make all betting on virtual sports but also on fantastic boxing events by spending time with the 1xBet platform today.



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