Zingah – No Reason ft. YoungstaCPT

Zingah – No Reason ft. YoungstaCPT mp3 download free

Zingah – No Reason ft. YoungstaCPT mp3 Download free

Finally the wait is over as award winning rapper Zingah decides to drop his long awaited killer hip hop banger titled No Reason where he featured rap mogul YoungstaCPT. Cop below and enjoy.

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“No Reason” was curved out from his just released 2020 studio LP project titled “Sessions At The Crib Album” which houses 11 dope hip hop tracks and featuring other top notch music arts in the country. The project also have been considered by many as their best this year as long as hip hop is concern and we can’t argue much about that. So without added ado, update your playlist and leave a feedback with us using the comment box below.

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Zingah – No Reason ft. YoungstaCPT Lyrics:

[Intro: Zingah]
Eh, huh!

[Verse 1: Zingah]
Stepped out the crib looki’ ridiculous
Like “Fuck it” Fuck it forget it then
I’m coming
I’m runnin’, cut me for everything, yeah
You niggas must not know my record then
I just be smooth for no reason
I be too real for the cap
We dropping the roof in all seasons, just to remove all of that
Now we coming home to own the land, yeah
Now you know who’s on demand
And you can’t tell me shit cause you work for the man
Fuck what you think I don’t think that I care
All that I know is I’m back, fuckin’ relax
Oh please the humility
All streets all good to me
Talk is cheap so I’m living it
I’m ghosty as a lyricist
Then I just figured the smoke clears when I’m killin’ it
No need to be difficult
Let me just grow me a goatee for the visual
Lowkey as a finish move
And don’t sleep on the business
You know niggas finna finish you
I’ma get on you, hope niggas will be dissin’ you
Talk sweet like the bitches do
I go GQ a little bit
Go street when I’m in the mood
Ghost bitches and niggas too
My niggas will go get what I need for me
There’s no stress cause we militant
A gold chain how a nigga chill

[Interlude: YoungstaCPT]
(To the end)
Y/gen! to the end
(Kapstaad Naaier!) 0-2-1
0-1-1, uh!

[Verse 2: YoungstaCPT]
I’m doing drive-bys on BMX’s
Hide and seek, you gonna need protection
Low bars don’t receive reception
Your Wi-Fi has a weak connection
Cheap signal, I freeze eagles
You released a jingle as the leading single
Now you a Pop star, twinkle twinkle
You pop you can’t stop like you eating Pringles
Lightly salted with the vinegar
Girl I like your waistline in particula
On the dotted line I do the signature
I’m the biggest size and you a miniature
It will take a village and a plate of spinach just to beat me at the game of [?]
On the broom stick my wood stick
You a tooth pick, I’m hood rich, huh!
I smashes the track up with Zingah
Y?gen balaclava like a ninja
Turtle, I’m serving a Debonairs pizza
Kicking the foot clan, Dr Malinga
All of my verses are comic books
I got many men and I’m Robin Hood
You get stabbed in Langa and shot in Gugs
A red dot on your head like it’s Bollywood
You meeting my alter ego
He stays on point like the sharpest needle
Goes the distance like a car with diesel
I got the power cause a doctor’s evil
Common people’s in a bad dream
As they hope and pray for a vaccine
I got a sick squad, call it Gangrene
At the top ropes how we tag team
Dwayne Johnson with the elbow
Stuck in the grind like Velcro
I make jail calls to a cell phone
On the cell blocks there’s no Melrose
Just G codes being passed around
You need skill for that like Cristiano
Lawd of the Jig with the Kapstaad King
To see more, there’s the link in bio, Naaier!

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