J Molley – J Is Like (Sway Cypher Freestyle)

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J Molley J Is Like (Sway Cypher Freestyle) mp3 download lyrics

J Molley J Is Like (Sway Cypher Freestyle) mp3 free download & Lyrics

Never Broke Management front man and rap king J Molley who have been making lots of headlines since this years Sway Cypher 2019 and here is the full lyrics and freestyle of his performance he called J Is Like. Cut the chase, download below and enjoy.

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J Molley – J Is Like (Sway Cypher Freestyle) Lyrics below:

I’m not rapper now how the hell did I get up in this place
How come I came up with no features now I’m featuring on Sway
Everybody in this game say everybody else is fake
It seems like everyone’s a saint or everybody’s masquerading

They think I’m crazy tatting “$lave” up on my face
While they slaving on a daily caught up in this rat race
Always working left with no time to live the life that they chase
9 to 5 everyday till you ninety five and it’s late

I make father figures so I told her call me mister
She gon make that ass drop like a donkey playing twister
I just raise my fist up like it’s 68 olympics I’m just tryna paint a picture

She gon drop it when I pull it out my shirt that’s a chain reaction
From taking photos of rappers now I’m the main attraction
Instagram acting, they capping on all they captions
I’m like Captain America I’m killing off all these actors

They hating on me I just guess it’s human nature
It’s survival of the fittest when you’re greater they gon hate ya
I ain’t tryna punchlines I’m tryna slap you with the facts
Not talking lesbian orgies
But everybody with me strapped

Success is relative
The more success you get the more relatives
She say I’m a dog I flip it backwards cause I’m heaven sent
Pull up in a ghost now shit is haunted like Connecticut

Tat my name up on her rib because I’m ill
I put the metal on your rib like we be cooking on a grill
Smoke him raw
I ain’t talking bout the paper from the corner store
Say it to my face, what is you standing in the corner for

Putting rappers on ice like I’m Ben Baller
Your money shorter than the weekend
My racks been taller
Just a singer killing rappers for free no extortion
I’ma end him before they can deliver like an abortion

Engineers couldn’t master this shit
From nothing to something
I’m turning somethings to nothing
I’m here in the present
Man, this life is a gift
Oh how ironic that I’m rapping this shit

She know my music back to back like ABC
Straight A student but tonight she want a D
Mindfuck that girl and pass her like an S.A.T
Women always coming but they never wanna leave

Not confrontational I’m tryna keep the peace
Fuck going to jail and all
Ain’t tryna keep a piece
I don’t want smoke unless I’m smoking on some green
I be on my Buddha shit, it’s tatted on my sleeve!

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