Kwesta – Who I Am

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Kwesta – Who I Am mp3 Download free

Following the success of last debut album, award winning rapper and performer Kwesta who have been considered by many as the best RnB music artist in Mzansi is here today as he drops a new killer track titled Who I Am. Cop below and enjoy.

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“Who I Am” which have been trending since last week was produced by John Lundun & Makwabeats, and will be inclusive on his upcoming studio LP project “g.o.d Guluva Album” which will house about 14 tracks in all and featuring other top notch music artists in the industry and will be released around 30th of April, 2021, so stay tuned with us as we will be the first to drop the full project upon release. In the main time, update your playlist and leave a feedback with us using the comment box below.

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Kwesta – Who I Am Lyrics:


[Chorus] (Kwesta)
Nothing reminds me of who I am
I tried to find him in who I’m not
See my type was never in her plans
Manje i-MCM yakhe incel’ i-quart

[Verse 1] (Kwesta)
I used to have dreams about finding dreams
Nowadays I’m having dreams about dying dreams
I wanna die it seems everybody might agree
I gave this shit my all but ain’t nobody gave me half of me
I need time please, my daughter and I miss this
I need time and peace but they offer time-pieces
And if that time-piece on your wrist, really is made of ice
Can you plеase be kind enough to freezе this
“Uno Momento” I, grew from the ghetto
You, knew me as Senzo, now it’s dude with the best flow
Yah, and everything is free or so I thought
But this shit cost me the memories of me, who am I
My mother told me [?]
My mother tells me nothing now
My mother gave me many things
But it’s not right for to be my mother’s everything
But I think I am, and my brother knows
And my sister knows, and I think my father knows
I remind me of me, lost myself when I put all my pride on a beat
I just had to be dope, get recognized as an eMCee
Since all o’ y’all are woke, I hope you find me when you sleep
I used to write about you, mara outie yam’ angisakwazi
Ang’sazi how it was, ngathi ngidinga uk’balancwa
Used to write about you, but now I think it’s strange how
You became a stranger, lost in the paintbrush
The art was us, the bars was madness
Your heart found love, your love found marriage
Your friends made friends, your pen met fans
You ends then met, you made them dance
And this I felt, when I was on the road and I missed myself
I said, this I felt, when I was on the road and I missed myself
And everything was free or so I thought
This shit cost me the memories of me

[Chorus] (Kwesta)
Nothing reminds me of who I am
I tried to find him in who I’m not
See my type was never in her plans
Manje i-MCM yakhe incel’ i-quart
Nothing reminds me of who I am
I tried to find him in who I’m not
See my type was never in her plans
Manje i-MCM yakhe incel’ i-quart

[Verse 2] (Kwesta)
Bheka, I look just like how I remember
Back when my rhyme book could provide me with answers
Back when my lines shook and retired some rappers
Manje ngifunana ne-hook ezovala u-December
Now I got everybody vibing to the bassline
Look I got everybody smiling but where’s mine?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining life’s good
I got some money in the bank, boy ang’tefi, how dare I
But am I who I wanted to be when I got here
Or did I leave who I needed when I got here
Am I seeking for reason or is it quite clear
That everything changed colour with the dyed hair
Yeah, I look just like all I forgot
The innocence of Buttabing and the world in my pot
Back when everybody was hot
And I was looking for a pass, instead of taking my shot
Yeah, besabhek’ukuthi ngiflop’
Rapping my ass off, and still barely making the crops
Steady ngibaqedile bonke, eventually gave me my props
Manje sebethi ngiyiboss, ng’bhek’ ama-Profit and Losses
He eh, ubani lo?
Hay’ angimazi mina lomuntu obala imali so
All up in the gram, uphila i-life sho
But he don’t live for his real friends who died for him
Hhm, amnesia, kodwa makaya e-studio it’s “I need’ya”
Hhm, timekeeper, please let him know it’s quarter passed leisure
Ngoba siyam’dinga
Lo ak’siyi le type engathi i-life iyam’lead-a
Yeah, kodwa i-waar yinja, ngoba naye makes’bheka ngathi angazi phika
Rhaa phoo sies, fok the chankura imsind’ inhloko
It got dude but a dick and balls
I guess time took him, gone
I guess I created a beast
I made a lot of promises that I can barely keep
Like I’mma be by your side in the face of defeat
And hold you down, at least ’til they play me a beat
Mculo ndini, bhuk’ ung’yenzeni
I used to be that young dude with a book and a pen
On your porch, ngikhokhoda but lutho ungaveli
And khani uvula manje, I knew this shit then
Yeah, I love you though
I know my woman probably thinks I love you more
Yeah, and we start arguing
And during that I probably say “ah, you win”
I know, corny shit, call me back
I tried to call you, izokhona yini?
Yeah, I’m on my Cornor shit
You said you’d call, kodwa ang’sa khoni, usa khona yini?
Uhm, what’s this about?
Trying to get to your or the biggest amount
Ngicela ungang’doubt-i, I’m still a king
Just a lot shit to figure out
I need you now


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