Stilo Magolide – 2190 PART 1

Stilo Magolide - 2190 PART 1 mp3 download free

Stilo Magolide – 2190 PART 1 mp3 free download

High talented rapper and record producer Stilo Magolide is here today with a new killer flows titled 2190 PART 1. Cop below and enjoy.

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“2190 PART 1” was produced by Purple Moon, one of whom have been considered as best when it comes to producing hip hop. Listen up, update your playlist and don’t forget to share your thoughts below.

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Stilo Magolide – 2190 PART 1 Lyrics:


[Verse 1]
Zip itswape fas’ ibrook ngek’ ulunge khule round or the next
I’m telling you
Magolide ngek’ ashenche banamanga, banamanga
Usazo fak’ umfutho
Middle finger to the haters spitting heaters
Makh’ hamba mina
Ku sal’ inthutu
She can take it to the head
Makh’ ngena mina
Ku khal’ inkhuku
Thanda unga thandi ngi phanda le mali
Cel’ unga ngi tidi
U hamba kanjani
Its 2 to the 1 to the 9-0
Sharp on the way to the main ous
The hood with a horse ride
Death by fist fight
Mind if you blink twice
Never tell the truth about nix man
You the best man
No Taye Diggs
They’s peoplе on the roof
And they coming in
Gatas wanna line mе
And they never did
Screaming so loud, on your vocal cords
People too scared, and you wind up dead
10111 never helped us
Got respect for the uni
But he’s just a man
He’ll probably set you free
If you got a plan
Van Damme
Life in the south of the JHB
Kicks it with the homey say M.O.G
Whip guap section, till the sunrise
No money in our pockets, so we stay swagging
One gold tooth, we stay shining
Time dun changed, but I’m still the same
2190 till the day I die


[Verse 2]
I’m starting to lose my mind
I’m dizzy I’m going crazy
Pappi ain’t around
Oledi been gone for a whiiiile
Minita with change
I’m changing wid em
Stay on the beat ima stick to the riddim
Stay in my lane Husain for the killin
Move a liddle faster
Next lane they sleepin in a range rov
Less hype no flesh go pro
Get a little closer to the front row
Eyes clear lens with a low go
Keep my grass cut less snakes foe
My haters got haters like boere mag
She say she like it raw I boer-wors
You big booty Judy I enterprise
Stress on stress that’s exercise
Stress on sex like extra thighs
You do it for the girls I sympathise
I want the money in my pocket like that other guy
Plain white tee type simple guy
Get a crib in the hills type simple guy
Drive a rarri in the hood type simple guy
Model type wife type simple guy
I’m a really want it all type simple guy
Can I really have it all type simple guy
Wave gord Stilo is a simple guy
But life’s never easy for a simple guy
I hope u understand I’m a simple guy
Mari ilife sengizela nga masimba huuuuhhhh…
And life is never simple in the city huuuuuhhhh…


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