25K – Pheli Makaveli (Intro)

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25K – Pheli Makaveli (Intro) mp3 download free

25K – Pheli Makaveli (Intro) mp3 Download free

Just when we thought we had seen it all, top notch rapper and performer 25K who have been considered by many as one of the best hip hop music artist in the country decides to drop his long awaited 2021 song titled Pheli Makaveli which he serves as the intro to his studio album.

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“Pheli Makaveli (Intro)” will serve as his first track this year, just few days after collaborating with Boity on her 018’s Finest (Remix) where they both performed alongside William Last KRM, Towdee Mac and Venom. And the track will serve as the first track off his upcoming studio album which will bear same name as this song, so stay tuned with us, but in the main time, update your playlist and leave a feedback with us using the comment box below.

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25K – Pheli Makaveli (Intro) Lyrics:

Zoocci Coke Dope, he’s the dealer

[Verse 1]
I come from one place that’s known for jacking, killing, robbery, king pins
Who would’ve thought I’d be buzzing in southy from my favorite single
Your favorite new age Rapper prolly follows to study my lingo, just because you got the hair and clothes doesn’t make you a migo
Rekis’tse white kere M’Boogie Mfe Yaka Kebone Le Change
Keye ko Competita Makwa ke motsore a nkadimé Banky
Pheli Makaveli living ka nnеte nna okase mpeipi
Koloi е ke lehala o rapper ka tsona nou okase reili
Contact list yaka e botlhoko s’net ake dronke ke fame

Recorda fela hoba relevant ntjwaka ke stele ako blame
Ho rekisa nyaope ke game ntjwaka e tshwana le Meime
Seken nature ake foste hewe nyaka o mpethele fleiti
2019 at the Hip Hop awards I was fly as a dove
Shared stage with Glizzy, Lamiez calling me like “Kilo tlao tseye Khapo” (Kilo)
If I drop this Classic with Zoo, I need like 30 above (Zulu)
Ke kamo Jozi ka massepa ntjwaka nelere lá Nkapa
Founetse Sjava for mutlwella fela o mpotsa mabaka (Grootman)
Nna ketloe tlhaba é tletse, ntjaka o kana wa kwata (Hwa tshwana)
Mover kamokho ke nyakang, sa nkhala nna ao ntataka

Hekesa tshwara nthwela o tlhokomele ketlow tlhaba
CID pullin up on me like “Esahn ro bone we chaffa”
Hands in the air aona selo, mola ko tsere ka Tswafa (False false)
Don Kilo Grams heke tsena o bolela lenna sa ntoucha
Word on the street o lehotlho heo kopana lenna wae brasha
My other brother in Medina, he’s on a whole another Chapter
Ramadan yearly they lookin for us, re busy ra fasta (Weed)
Verse yaka aetswe mahala, fela honore kao charger
Juice yaka chale é bottomless, mo oreng ya fela ya itlatsa

Pheli Makaveli, Pheli Makaveli, Pheli Makaveli
Pheli Makaveli, Pheli Makaveli, Pheli Makaveli
Pheli Makaveli, Pheli Makaveli, Pheli Makaveli
Pheli Makaveli, Pheli Makaveli, Pheli Makaveli
Pheli Makaveli, Pheli Makaveli

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