Jay Jody – On Time

Jay Jody – On Time mp3 download free lyrics

Jay Jody – On Time mp3 Download free

Today the South African hip hop prodigy Jay Jody who have been spitting bars lately and often classified as one of the best in the country is here today with a new 2022 song titled On Time. Cop below and enjoy.

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“On Time” will serve as the first solo track from the youngster this year after tearing the universe with A-Reece last year. On this one he choose to go with the usual Man-lead style of vocals as he goes even more harder than usual. The track was curved out off his just released 2022 mini album project titled “The Revenge Pack EP” which housed about 2 tracks in all.

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Jay Jody – On Time Lyrics:

Yeah, yeah
Feel like I’ve done this before
Feels like I’m back here to fight in a spiritual war
Feels like I’ve reincarnated to settle the score or maybe restore
Something that’s lost or maybe explore more
Or maybe it’s too dark to see the silver lining
Might be too hard to even see the stars aligning
‘Cause the sky is too blacked out
So glad I snapped out the deep sleep that I was in
Drowning but I swam out
I mapped out a way forward for a nigga so I backed out
Anything they’ll probably need me to gеt dragged out
If you did me dirty then it’s cool I thrеw the trash out
Yeah dawg the cat’s out
You ain’t got to act up or we can take it that route
You can be a name on my page that I scratched out
But I don’t wanna lash out
Acting all affiliated like I’m with the gang now
Nigga imma straight up guy that’s why I stand out (Yeah, that’s right that’s right)
I ain’t about to wait on you niggas to feel appreciated nah
I ain’t about to let celebrities make nigga feel intimidated
Still here, yeah you niggas thought I was eliminated
One eye open yeah Jay is illuminated yeah
Quietly celebrated, lowkey hella hated
Right on time like my soul light shine
Which water sign gotta flow like mine
I’m still in fashion, been dope by design
I’m the line that you never wanna cross when you rhyme
I’m the thing that you never should’ve mention when you lie
I’m the hungry kid you niggas should’ve never left behind
This time, I just hope you get better papers to sign
Bigger piece of the pie for peace of mind (Nigga)

The Revenge is the re-up (re-up)
Flawless we the neat club (clean boys)
Yeah, the re-up (re-up)
Flawless we the neat club (clean boys)
Yeah uh, ’cause I was right on time nigga
I’m right on time (Right on time nigga)

Focus on your business, just doing me
Tryna provide for my family and just you know
[?] takes me you know, yeah
We about to shine though, I just feel like it’s time for real
I don’t even know what to say man, i don’t want it to feel like I’m rapping or something
But it is what it is, not what it was
And y’all know I’m coming for you man, I’m just you know
Getting it together you know I’m almost done with the album so yeah
Y’all wait on it man, it’s gonna be history I promise yeah
If you got it you got it, you can’t buy it

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