25K – Apple Soda/ Record Deal

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25K – Apple Soda/ Record Deal mp3 download free lyrics

25K – Apple Soda/ Record Deal mp3 Download free

Just when we thought we had seen it all, award winning rapper and performer 25K who have been vibing as one of the best SA hip hop moguls is here today with his new killer track titled Apple Soda/ Record Deal where he also shared the full lyrics. Cop below and enjoy.

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“Apple Soda/ Record Deal” have been on high demand for long now since the cover artwork of the project was shared, just few days after collaborating with Boity on her 018’s Finest (Remix) where they both performed alongside William Last KRM, Towdee Mac and Venom. The track lifted off his upcoming studio LP project titled “Pheli Makaveli album” which will bear same name as this song, so stay tuned with us, but in the main time, update your playlist and leave a feedback with us using the comment box below.

Stream, and share “Apple Soda/ Record Deal”. Don’t forget to drop your comments below.

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25K – Apple Soda/ Record Deal Lyrics:

Part I: Apple Soda

I want the smoke if you talk about trap
20 Kilo nna nkai kapa ka selepe
When I’m on the Henny I don’t fuck with dash
Sang sala morao otla tsuha ole ko church
Khopela ong tshepe, tlhubula skirt
I hit her once and she callin’ me back
I love my bros who put knives in my back
I got a shooter in my phone and he’s strapped
Ke iron-a bogart motshetshe, ke lebelletse Matwetwe
Etla mo otlo supporter firm
Atchaar garlic e monate bai tladitse oile mara kei thathela jam
Tsaba ka verp, namela van
Ska tshuha ko busa ka 10
Ong potsa horе nna kira byana ke mone ngwano ke fan
Icе on my neck
Zoocci o kgothetse, east west mpepi
24 days in the trap and I came up they jealous banahana ke tsuhile ka khemi
Mafela kgwedi, tshaba ka zaka
Bona bogart Terry
Phounela Perry, Phineas o pakwe
Ke nahana hore na lwela medi
30 for drip, she gimme lip
Glock I’m in the VIP
Ontebelle pila aka latlha, ngwano wang rata
Chile con queso dip
Zoo, Mash
Yeses, closed casket
Tuscan when she swallow me, ari custard

I set the tone
Comin’ up I was an average Joe
Spendin’ dollars on designer, drippin’ head to toe
You had to know
You takin’ long, benju get the load
Tryna re-up on some product, call my other phone
Apple soda, pourin’ up I made an episode
How much money I got on me, you should never know
Envelopes now
Smokin’ Cali so I’m never sober
I rock summer after summer it’s an episode

[Interlude: 2Pac]

Part II: Record Deal

Record deal no advance
I Had to do it on my own
If Bruce snap don’t pose
TV girl on my phone
Loyalty cost nothin’
On God I was strugglin’
Nna le Zoo on the phone, on God I was broke
Haona sphiri o stout
Becha ngwana ka dope
Etla kwano tlogela towel
I ain’t sold my soul
E ke second episode
You ain’t runnin’ like I told you
Cubase no ProTools
New side bag, leyona e tswere tools
E ke zaka e fase haona loose
Nna ko tshepe, kenyaka tuts
Ase low cut ntwe ke boots
Atumela achuz
One man tloela group
Codeine ka sgubu
Wena o tume ka favour
Zoocci o tume ka flavour
On god I was strugglin’
In the hood I was runnin’
You ain’t trap you bluffin’
Turning nothing to somethin’
On the block I would hustle
The dope game is a puzzle
I was made for the struggle
Had to wait for this hustle
CEO like I’m Russell, no iTunes ke cassette
Die kind osa feba

E ke potsa kai fetlhela
E ke potsa kai fetlhela
E ke potsa kai fetlhela
E ke potsa…
E ke potsa kai…



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